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Ben Lazare is a government affairs consultant providing lobbying services for a diverse clientele, while also being the largest and most respect healthcare lobbying firm in the state of Illinois.

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About Ben Lazare Consulting

When it comes to spurring government into action, knowing exactly when to nudge, when to push and when to prod is essential to getting things done. Over his 16 years in government affairs, Ben Lazare is an expert in strategic persuasion.

Very few people truly understand the intricacies of the state budget as it relates to healthcare expenditures in Illinois. With Ben Lazare, you’ll have one of those insiders fighting for your interests. His vast institutional knowledge and personal relationships with key decision-makers will provide you with the level of influence needed to get your priorities funded and make your voice heard on legislative matters.

Ben is intimately familiar with the inner workings of the state capitol, having spent a decade working directly for the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives where he was heavily involved in budget negotiations. The relationships he has carefully established with legislators and their staffs, government leaders and other lobbyists have made him a trusted voice in the statehouse and a go-to resource when healthcare issues are being debated.

This proficiency in government relations extends to other areas as well

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Our Mission

Strategic Advocacy for Successful Outcomes

Ben Lazare has established an increasingly wide and strong client-base with an impressive track record of success in meeting his clients’ needs.

Over billion secured
Established in
healthcare lobbying firm in Illinois
All counties in Illinois served

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Ben Lazare


Jaime Sugar

Executive Assistant
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Services you can count on

With his political and policy background, Ben is strongly equipped to take on your issues and represent you.

Ben looks to focus on his client's most critical issues, collaborating through multidimensional challenges while looking to uncover new opportunities.

Whatever your objectives may be, Ben Lazare is keen on building the necessary partnerships to build critical projects, secure policy support for local priorities, and can provide a variety of essential services for you.

Being informed means not just knowing your issue, but also knowing your audience. Ben understands this and will prepare you and guide you through your lobbying efforts by managing the policy and personalities involved.

Trusted by global brands

Strategic Advocacy for Successful Outcomes

Ben Lazare is a government affairs consultant providing lobbying services for a diverse clientele in the state of Illinois. Prior to his work as a lobbyist, Mr. Lazare worked for the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives for 10 years. Mr. Lazare began his employment as a personal assistant to the Illinois Speaker, where he developed a bond with the longest serving statehouse Speaker in the United States. While working in this capacity, he established a strong network of contacts, including legislators, lobbyists and other elected officials.

Mr. Lazare was later promoted to the lead policy staff member for healthcare and human services issues. He acquired a knowledge and expertise in the subject, which he utilized to draft, analyze and negotiate all Medicaid and human services legislation in the Illinois House of Representatives and Senate. In his lead staff role, Mr. Lazare collaborated with all legislative caucuses, the Governor’s Office and special interest groups to develop Illinois’ Medicaid budget, which is over $20 billion annually. His expert knowledge of the state budget provides incredibly rare insight and significant opportunities for clients seeking to obtain or maximize state funding. 

 Since 2016, Mr. Lazare has served as a contractual lobbyist, using the knowledge base and relationships he has built over the past decade to assist his clients, which include but are not limited to, hospital-based healthcare systems, individual hospitals, long-term care associations, behavioral health providers and other clients seeking to interact with the Medicaid program administered by the Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS).

Mr. Lazare has a niche lobbying skillset, specializing in healthcare issues due to his knowledge of the Medicaid program and strong relationships with HFS leadership and Democratic legislators who focus on healthcare issues.

During his lobbying tenure Mr. Lazare has established an increasingly wide client-base and an impressive track record of success in meeting his clients’ needs.

Jaime Sugar is an executive assistant for Ben Lazare Consulting, Inc, overseeing all aspects of the company. Jaime graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s of Science in Family Studies and Human Development and a minor in Communications and Public Health. Prior to this position, she worked with political communications firms and has stayed active in local and federal politics.

As an executive assistant, Jaime has grown significantly in her knowledge of the Illinois state government. With an eye for detail, she helps generate successful results for each client of Ben Lazare Consulting, Inc.​